Corporate Information Governance Program

Complimentary eBook by Sherpa Software

Information is a valuable corporate asset, and like other assets, it must be tracked, managed and disposed of at the end of its useful life. Instituting this type of lifecycle management is the premise behind information governance (IG). The benefits of improved operational efficiency and reduced risk are what makes an effective IG strategy so important.

Our team understands the challenges of implementing an IG program, which is why we created this free eBook. The eBook describes our proven process for undertaking an information governance project: which we call the Corporate Information Governance Program (CIGP).

Successfully implement the CIGP framework with four distinct phases:

  1. Understand & Assess
  2. Plan & Document
  3. Implement
  4. Manage

The CIGP framework gives you actionable insights to help turn your information governance program into a success story.

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