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Information Management is Key to Litigation Preparedness

Brett Burney (Burney Consultants) and Marta Farensbach (Sherpa Software) describe how small and medium size companies can effectively manage their electronic data so they are better prepared for litigation. This white paper will detail some best practices in handling e-Discovery inquiries and how to work with IT professionals and outside legal counsel. 


The Sherpa Approach: Discovery Attender - The Swiss Army Knife in Your Information Management Toolbox

Discovery Attender from Sherpa Software is an e-Discovery tool designed to automate the search and collection of electronically stored information (ESI) in a cost-effective, efficient and reproducible manner. Although it may seem like Discovery Attender is used primarily for e-Discovery searches, the application is actually deployed by numerous customers performing a wide variety of tasks. 


What's New in Discovery Attender 3.9

This document, written by Product Manager Marta Farensbach, provides a list and summary of Discovery Attender upgrades. New features include: full Exchange 2013 support, create your own exceptions, improved PCI / PII data recognition and more!


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