Find Personal Data.

Report on it. Manage it. Delete it.
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Sherpa’s Altitude IG® software makes it easier to comply with GDPR regulations.

The impending GDPR regulations include significant new regulatory and reporting requirements, including the critical components of Right to Know and Right to Be Forgotten. That means that if you provide products or services to any resident of the EU – or collect, transmit, or process their data -- you may be required to comply with exactly this request: “Do you hold any of my personal data? What is that data? Please erase it.”

Sherpa’s Altitude IG® software is an easy, affordable solution. Altitude enables you to quickly locate personal information across all your unstructured data -- on every individual employee workstation, company fileshares, SharePoint, email, and PSTs – and then report on it, manage it, and delete it. You’ll have a defensible, auditable process for knowing what data is stored, where it’s stored, and who owns the file, and then easily manage it with the workflow that suits your specific company policy: copy it, move it to a review folder, run an automated (and defensible) deletion process, etc.

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Save Time Through Automation

Proactively locate, analyze, and manage data in:

  • Corporate Networks
  • Email
  • PST Files
  • Office 365
  • SharePoint
  • User Desktops


Altitude IG's modular functionality allows organizations access to all that they need with the ability quickly scale to accommodate future demands.

In-place Data Management

Simplify eDiscovery collections as well as data deletion and retention policies by managing data where it resides.

Centralized Control of Data

A single platform for managing the entire eDiscovery and data lifecycle of your unstructured data: from creation to collection to deletion.

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We use Altitude IG to reduce the time spent conducting eDiscovery by 65% and the amount of data reviewed by outside counsel by 60%. We also reclaimed terabytes of storage on our public file share with the Policy Management functionality.

Brandon Covert,
Cleveland Browns
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