Targeting Risk in Information Governance:

A guide to recognizing and mitigating risk in your electronically stored information.

The Cost of a Data Breach can be Huge

Is Your Organization Properly Equipped?

Information governance strategies are deployed to manage and protect digital assets from creation through disposal. Risk Management plays a key role in fulfilling these objectives by highlighting weaknesses, verifying regulatory compliance and implementing solutions. This white paper focuses on defining and recognizing the dangers of data assets exposures to risk and builds on that knowledge by outlining effective plans to neutralize problem areas, anticipate costs and minimize disruptions. It aims to show how proactive action can help to reduce corporate liability by protecting organizations from both internal and external pressures.

Identifying Risk in Information Governance

This white paper will cover:

  • Categories of enterprise risk
  • Notable data breaches
  • Identifying potential risk factors 
  • Proven strategies to assess, reconcile and monitor problem areas
  • Recommended software for mitigating risk
  • And more!

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