Defensible Deletion WP.png

What is defensible deletion and how do you implement an effective strategy?

Best known as a strategy for retaining and disposing of items based on organizational value and legal requirements, defensible deletion allows organizations to manage their handling, storage and eDiscovery costs as well as their risk while freeing up resources that can be better spent elsewhere. In this white paper, Sherpa's own Marta Farensbach defines defensible deletion while highlighting some key areas where organizations should take action.  


To give you a brief sneak-peek of what to expect, here are the key points from the white paper, "Demystifying Defensible Deletion:" 

  • What defensible deletion is
  • Why it is important
  • How it reduces operational clutter
  • Liability and risks associated
  • How to begin your deletion
  • Implementing an effective strategy
  • Pitfalls to look out for
  • and much more!