Define your future state of IG using CIGP: Phase 2, Plan & Document

In this white paper series, we describe a four-part proven process for undertaking an information governance project - we call that process the Corporate Information Governance Program (CIGP).  


Key points from the Plan & Document phase:


  • Developing a clear picture of current and future state objectives is a critical element of the planning process.
  • When conducting your Business Needs Analysis, steer toward governance-related future state objectives.
  • Prioritize your future state objectives carefully.
  • Work from a project plan that will help you spot problem areas with leading indicators.
  • Keep the organization involved – communicate regularly.


Over the next several months, this series will be delving into each of the four distinct phases of the framework. Check back for installments 3 and 4 in the coming months.


For the first installment, "The Planning Process," click here.

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